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Allison Vallance

Allison Vallance
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Allison Vallance has a deep personal connection to the impact of brain aneurysms. She witnessed both the resilience of her friend, Sally, who survived an aneurysm, and the heartbreaking loss of her coworker, Annie, to a ruptured aneurysm.


These experiences have fueled Allison's dedication to brain aneurysm awareness and prevention. She understands the importance of early detection, treatment, and support for survivors. Through her advocacy efforts, she aims to ensure that more people are aware of the signs and risks associated with brain aneurysms, ultimately working to save lives and honor the memory of those affected.

Allison Vallance's commitment to raising awareness and supporting those impacted by brain aneurysms is a testament to the strength of friendship and the power of advocacy in the face of adversity.

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