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Bob Guida

Bob Guida
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Former New Hampshire Senator Bob Giuda has faced the devastating effects of a brain aneurysm firsthand. His wife's battle with this silent threat has become a personal mission to raise awareness and advocate for those affected.

Seemingly, things in Senator Bob Giuda's life were going according to plan, or so he thought. He was serving in New Hampshire as a State Senator, living and going about life as normal- until tragedy hit home. This powerful read is the insightful path to Bob's very personal, heartfelt journey in dealing with the love of his life being in a permanent vegetative state. On Eagle's Wings is a must- read that caught fire on the Internet through Facebook, reaching readers worldwide. People from all over the world sent letters and messages to Bob after reading his posts. This encouragement is what led to the writings in these pages. Suffering was never meant to be done alone; this book will help you and encourage you on your own personal journey.

Through his heartfelt efforts, Senator Giuda is making a significant impact on the lives of those affected by brain aneurysms. His dedication to raising awareness and supporting research is a powerful force in the fight against this life-threatening condition.

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