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Catherine Navarro

Cat Navarro
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In 2017, while on vacation in Japan, Catherine experienced a migraine that led her to seek medical attention. Little did she know that this decision would change her life. A brain scan revealed an unruptured brain aneurysm behind her right eye, a discovery that left her understandably frightened, given her family's history with brain-related health issues.

Upon returning to the United States, Catherine continued to monitor her condition through regular brain scans. However, it wasn't until she was pregnant with her second daughter that her neurosurgeon expressed concerns about the aneurysm's growth. This news was emotionally challenging, especially given her impending childbirth.

With the support of her daughter's pediatrician and multiple opinions from neurosurgeons, Catherine decided to undergo surgery, a flow diverter stent placement, to address the aneurysm. The surgery went well, with Catherine experiencing a successful recovery despite some hematoma-related complications.

Today, Catherine is thankful for the opportunity to be there for her young daughters and to share her story of resilience. Her experience underscores the importance of early detection and proactive treatment in managing brain aneurysms.

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