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Diana L Creaturo

Diane Creaturo
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At the age of 41, Diana was blindsided by a brain aneurysm in 2015, despite leading a healthy lifestyle. Diana discovered that the birth control pills she was taking at the time likely contributed to the aneurysm, a shocking revelation for someone who had no family history of such conditions.

Her post-aneurysm life brought forth unique challenges, such as weather sensitivity that could trigger headaches, chronic fatigue that surpasses ordinary tiredness, and brain fog that clouds her cognitive abilities. These difficulties, while difficult to explain to others, have become part of her daily reality.


Despite these hurdles, Diana's determination shines through. She acknowledges the good days without issues and bravely confronts challenging ones. She navigates a world where loud music and flashing lights can overwhelm her, and she relearns to enjoy music through earbuds at a gentler volume. Diana's story is a reminder that each brain aneurysm survivor's journey is unique, filled with ups and downs.

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