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Jay & Peggy Doherty

Jay and Peggy Doherty, loving aunt and uncle to Erin and Christine, the founders of The Bee Foundation, have been steadfast supporters of the organization's mission to prevent brain aneurysms. Their dedication to honoring Erin and Christine's cousin, Jennifer, who tragically lost her life to a brain aneurysm, is deeply heartfelt.


Jay and Peggy's involvement in raising awareness, advocating for research, and participating in various events underscore the importance of family bonds and the shared commitment to making a difference. Through their unwavering support and active engagement, they contribute significantly to The Bee Foundation's efforts in preventing brain aneurysms and ensuring that others do not have to face the same devastating loss. Jay and Peggy Doherty exemplify the power of family coming together to create positive change and inspire hope for the future.

Jay & Peggy Doherty
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