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Kavita Basi

Kavita Basi
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At the age of 38, Kavita was rushed to the hospital on March 17, 2015, following a life-threatening subarachnoid haemorrhage. Despite being a healthy, career-driven individual who had traveled the world, Kavita suddenly faced a medical crisis that would challenge her in unimaginable ways.

Over the course of nearly two months, Kavita underwent four intensive brain surgeries, a journey that left her grappling with the profound changes in her life. Determined to make a positive impact, she began documenting her experience, from diagnosis to recovery, and shared her insights with the world. In 2018, she published her book "Room 23: Surviving a Brain Hemorrhage," offering solace and guidance to others navigating similar challenges.

Kavita's journey also led her to a deep commitment to helping both individuals with neurological conditions and the environment. She aligned her passion for sustainability with her desire to make a difference, creating two brands with shared goals: promoting eco-friendly, sustainable products that benefit consumers and the planet.

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