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Minda Thurman

Minda Thurman
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At the age of 35, Minda Thurman discovered she had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in her brain, which ruptured, causing a stroke. Her journey to recovery was marked by determination and resilience. With the expertise of her neurosurgeon, Minda underwent surgeries and extensive therapy to regain her ability to walk and speak.

Today, Minda has not only overcome the odds but also found a deep sense of purpose. She has chronicled her remarkable story in the book "My Disentanglement: An AVM Survivor’s Story," aiming to shed light on the challenges faced by AVM and aneurysm patients and their families. As a wife and mother of three, including twins, Minda's faith in God and unwavering spirit have inspired her to assist others on their recovery journeys.

Beyond her personal journey, Minda actively advocates for survivors, lending her voice to raise awareness at the congressional level and serving as an ambassador for The Bee Foundation. Her dedication to both her own recovery and the well-being of others is a testament to the power of resilience and faith.

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