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Dr. Pascal Jabbour

Dr. Pascal Jabbour
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Dr. Pascal Jabbour, a distinguished member of The Bee Foundation's Scientific Advisory Board, is a prominent figure in the field of neurovascular and endovascular neurosurgery. As the Head of the Division of Neurovascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery at Thomas Jefferson University, he wields a dual expertise, excelling in both endovascular and open procedures.

Dr. Jabbour's influence extends far beyond the operating room. An accomplished lecturer on neurovascular topics, he shares his knowledge on both national and international platforms. With three comprehensive textbooks and over 360 papers published in peer-reviewed journals, his contributions to the field are invaluable. Furthermore, Dr. Jabbour's editorial roles in Neurosurgery and several other prestigious journals underscore his commitment to advancing neurological science.

Among his remarkable achievements, Dr. Jabbour earned national recognition for pioneering a groundbreaking technique in the treatment of retinoblastoma in infants. A graduate of the Saint Joseph University School of Medicine in Beirut, he completed his residency in neurosurgery at the University of Colorado and Thomas Jefferson University, where he also undertook his fellowship. Dr. Jabbour's dedication extends to his role as President of the World Association of Lebanese Neurosurgeons (WALN) and active memberships in prominent neurosurgical societies. He serves as the course director for the annual conference "The CV Update" in Philadelphia, further solidifying his commitment to education and innovation in his field.

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