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Zac Yezzi

Zac Yezzi
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On May 9, 2021, during what should have been an idyllic stay in St. Barts, at just 30 years old and recently engaged, Zac Yezzi suffered a massive brain hemorrhage, a stroke, and was thousands of miles away from home. In excruciating pain, Zac's life hung in the balance. Thanks to the intervention of The Bee Foundation, Zac received critical support.

The Bee Foundation's network of experts, including renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Pascal Jabbour, facilitated his journey back to the United States for life-saving treatment. In Miami, under the care of Dr. Robert Starke, Zac underwent multiple complex surgeries, including a craniotomy. Throughout his recovery, Zac's resilience and determination shone through.

Today, Zac is on the path to a remarkable recovery, grateful for every moment and eager to give back. His experience has transformed his perspective on life, and he's committed to raising awareness about brain aneurysms and AVMs to prevent others from enduring what he went through.

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